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ShippShape Translations

James F. Shipp
PO Box 223, Strasburg, VA 22657
Home: (540) 465-8298
Mobile: (540) 686-6139
          Areas of specialization:

- certificates         - chemistry
- clinical trials      - economics
- geosciences         - informed consent
- law                      - medicine
- oil & gas             - pharmaceutics
- physics                       
and more
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Serving you from Virginia's
beautiful Shenandoah Valley
on a Massanutten Mountain
foothill overlooking the
Shenandoah River
8 cents per target (English) word
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Payment due 30 days net
[I must ask all non-US clients
to pay via PayPal]
                                                                BRIEF BIOGRAPHY

 In the mid-1960s, I transferred from the US Navy Reserve Security Group to the active US Air Force
Security Service for the express purpose of becoming a linguist.  I subsequently completed my Russian
studies at Syracuse University.
 Stationed in Trabzon, Turkey, I provided critical information to the National Security Agency (NSA)
during the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, which resulted in a unit citation and a presidential letter of
commendation.  I spent my remaining time in the military working at the NSA headquarters on Fort
George G. Meade, Maryland.
 After being honorably discharged, I accepted the position of senior language analyst with Informatics,
Inc., in Riverdale, Maryland, where I remained for six years under the auspices of a contract with the
Air Force’s Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.
 Thereafter, I was hired as a senior language specialist by the Federal Research Division of the
Library of Congress and held this position until 1979, when I became a full-time freelance translator.
 Over the next dozen years, I completed ongoing translation assignments for numerous agencies,
firms, and organizations in the nation’s capital.  Most notably during this period, I translated and
analyzed the Korean Airline shoot-down tape for the Washington bureau of NBC News, in addition to
which I was a founder and charter member of The Translators Guild (later The Translators and
Interpreters Guild), the only translators’ union in the United States.
 In 1991, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) selected me from a field of thirty candidates for a one-
month posting to Moscow, where I was the sole IMF translator on duty when Gorbachev surrendered
power to Yeltsin.  This was the first of half a dozen extended missions to various republics of the former
Soviet Union that I would undertake on behalf the IMF, the World Bank, and other clients during the
next two years.
 In 1993, I assumed the management of EOP Translation Services, Inc., in Washington, DC, and held
this position until deciding to return to the freelance arena in 1995.
 I worked as a translator and lexicographer for MasterWord Services in Houston, Texas, during 2008-
2009, but again found the freelance work was more to my liking.
 I am the author of five Russian-English dictionaries, as well as more than eighty newsletter and
newspaper articles on various aspects of translation work.
 I presently reside in Strasburg, Virginia, with my wife, Sue, where I continue to prepare Russian-
English translations for various clients on a full-time freelance basis, while compiling new dictionaries in
my spare time.